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Application Wordpress

Downloading the App

Go to the app store of your mobile and look for the Wordpress mobile app

Connecting to you Wordpress Website

At the end of the welcome page of your Wordpress App you have the choice between:

  • Connect or register with
  • Enter the address of your actual website

You choose the second option, and at the following screen you enter:

  • in the input labeled Site address the url of your Website (your Web site has to be powered by Wordpress of course):
    • for the skaters' web site I belonged to
    • or for my personal blog
  • On the next page enter the ID and the Password you use to connect to your Wordpress powered website.
    • depending on your role on the website (author, editor, administrator) your will get a different interface on the app!

Enjoy creating articles and pages adding images directly from your smartphone !!!

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